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Level Up your heels skills with this 31- day challenge!

Level up with Jazzy!


I believe that foundations are deciding on how fast you can grow in a skill. To be able to explore, learn complicated techniques and make dancing look "easy", the understanding of the own body is essential.

Learn those important movements step by step on High on Heels.

To give you a jump start, I created the 31-day challenge which helps you build or clean up your technique.

Join any membership (found here) that include tutorials and unlock your potential.


Every second day of January (starting January 1st) you will get access to a new tutorial.

This includes specific elements or mini flows with different level options.

For every three tutorials there will be an extra tutorial on how to combine these techniques to one bigger flow.

The goal is to improve your technique, flow and control.


If you

  • post at least 4 videos in which the given moves/techniques are combined in your Instagram Feed
    (details will be found on the community page)

  • tag

  • follow, @jazzykpole and @pole_junkie

... you can win a yearly GOLDEN HEELS membership worth 490 EUR, a Pole Junkie voucher of 50£, a private class with Jazzy and other prizes!

Deadline for posts: 19th of Feburay


Next to these LEVEL UP tutorials you will get access to all other content that is included already in the chosen membership - get ready to rock those heels!

Be aware that the Saphire membership does not include Tutorials, all others do!

Join the High on Heels community - and unfold your potential!

Everyone should have access to quality heels-based tutorials and classes - no matter where they live.

Start 2023 with FLOW