Behind the scenes

You would like to know who stands behind the passion for heels and those awkward jokes?

I am Jazzy and I live near Zurich, Switzerland. I first fell in love with pole when I saw it on TV on 2009 - it was a German Pole Competition held in Strip Club. The mix of sensuality and absolute ninja badassery was so stunning to me that I wanted to learn it.

I have no gymnastic background (I actually was one of the worst in sports class) and I only danced for fun in a hip hop crew when I was 15 years young. Not very successfully but the love to dancing started there.

In pole I found my passion and even though it takes me longer to learn a new skill, I am living proof that with the right teaching, the will and dedication you can do nearly anything. And that is what I want to give on to you!

My teaching

I am super passionate in sharing what I know and constantly improving not only as a dancer but also as a teacher.

My goal is to make everyone feel they can achieve everything with the right guidance.

Some of my qualifications:

  • Certified Fitness Professional (Eidg. Dipl.)

  • XPERT Pole Fitness Instructor

  • FRCsm Mobility Specialist

  • 12 years of teaching experience - I get to teach all over the world and have regular classes in Zurich, Switzerland