Teach your favorite choreographies by Jazzy K

Get the license and teach as often as you want!


You would like to teach one of Jazzys choreos to your students?

No problem, you can get the ZOOM recording of said choreo to get all the juicy explanation and the ability to teach the choreography - as often and as long as you want.

There is no restriction, you create pricing and structure.

Click here to find all recordings, a trailer/preview is available for all choreographies (click on the film icon)

Simply click on "Get Access" and scroll down to "Purchase". There will be no time limit on the recording. The price at this point is 90 EUR per choreography.


  • The teaching of the purchased choreo is limited to the instructor who bought the choreography (or if studio owner, one instructor of choice).

  • The creator of the choreography is Jazzy K, this needs to be transparent to students when teaching.

  • You can change the choreo and adapt it the way you need to so it works for your students.

If questions remain, reach out to info@highonheelsonline.com

Learn & share - with licensed choreos by Jazzy K

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